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My Soul Searching Manifesto. 


A written statement to publicly declare your intentions, motives, or beliefs.
From the Latin manifestus — to manifest, to clearly reveal, to make real.

You are not your thoughts.


Eat less meat and more plants.

Jump. Even if the net doesn’t catch you, have fun doing it anyway.

Write morning pages.

Meditate. Even if you think you can’t, just keep trying.

Share things. Words, stuff, time.

Love whomever you want; man, woman, or both.

Respect nature.

Don’t allow anyone to silence you, most of all yourself.

Know it’s ok to say “I don’t want to”.

Spend as much time as you can with the people you LOVE.

Express yourself with your clothes but don’t become too attached to them – they are not actually you.


Understand that judgement and criticism hurt you more than them.

Don’t worry about being too much. We’re all too much sometimes.

Take your phone off the table.

Seek peace, even if others mock or belittle you.

Trust what your heart knows; follow your intuition.

Show up, even for the shitty moments. Especially the shitty moments, it’ll help you appreciate the good ones more.

Laugh, stretch, walk, cuddle, dance.

Know that in this moment, everything is exactly as it should be.